Being in France our clients are for the most part French in need of English. However, it has been brought to our attention that the Expat population would appreciate our services.

Managers need to focus on their mission, not waste hours trying to understand how a new country works. JUGGLE ENGLISH can ensure rapid adaptation, by answering the many questions a new expat is bound to have. We offer group and individual solutions:

  • FRANCE SURVIVAL WORKSHOP for groups of expats
  • FRENCH LANGUAGE SKILLS COACHING face to face individual sessions with native speakers
  • ENGLISH/FRENCH TRANSLATIONS we translate or review all your important work documents

Survival workshop: Living arrangements, Schools, Administrations, Transportation…

French training: even if English is well established in your work place, French should not be neglected for any stay above a few months. Expatriations cut short often have more to do with family issues and loss of bearings in the new country than professional shortcomings. Investing to ensure a global connection for the expatriate and his or her family is key to success.

Translations: for estimates or more information contact us it does not cost anything to ask. We work with highly regarded professionals based in France.

To get started check out this site where you will find lots of information on what you need to know when living in France